Creative Business Management

We work in large and small scales sourcing the right factory for our customer's production. Our target is always to try to find a production line that has the required standard within quality of both communication and understanding of the product's design as well quality level. We do this bearing in mind the right volume and lead time that our customer requires.

Our net-work in China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Korea and Portugal will vary for all products and will help our customer to make the most advantageous decision.

We will try to help our customers to increase their mark-up so they can increase profitability.

We want our customers to earn more money so that we can all grow.

Who to contact

Leif Hansen

Senior Partner


Cell +46 (0)704 32 88 03

Fax +46 (0)86 68 82 49

Krukmakargatan 22



David Watts-Russell

Senior Partner

Mobile: +44 (0)7710 621182


United Kingdom

Hellum Trading & Partners

A business to business network that connects distributing firms directly with factories that may provide the required good's on your market. We work with one and one step or the whole concept from space management at your shop to getting the products home in time. Right quality at the right price at the right time, we provide it all through out our net-work in China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Korea, Portugal, Spain and Eastern Europe.

Production & Supply Chain Managing. What may we provide your firm with?

We are here to help when you need better, larger, smaller cheaper or new production on some or all of your goods. Our net-work contains factories with in food & beverage, Toy's, Furniture, Technique, Hotel amenities, Sporting good's and all with in the world of Fashion clothing & Interior textile's.

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